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Treatment aims and objectives

All patients present to the clinic in different stages. For example, some are in a great deal of pain with a marked degree of limited movement, others present in a more chronic stage with nagging aches and pains. The following information is an example of the differing tools used to treat a patient presenting with acute pain. However, and several modalities and may be used for a variety of the different stages that patients present in.

Acute phase

Often the most worrying stage for a patient: they will generally be in a lot of pain and discomfort, and display a limited range of motion.
The aims of treatment are:
• Protection of the injured area/tissue via relative rest, supports and movement modification.
• Pain control (e.g. via cold therapy, gentle mobility treatment and, on occasion, medication from a doctor/consultant).
• Gentle activity and exercises within a pain-free range of motion, advancing the exercises as the pain subsides.
It is important during this phase to follow our advice as, all too often, clients attempt to return to normal activities too quickly and become quite distressed if they relapse.

Sub-acute phase

Patients often feel, once they are past the acute stage, that they are cured; however, absence of symptoms does not always mean the causative factors have been addressed, and therefore, the following is recommended:
• Restore pain-free range of motion (mobilisation/manipulation techniques and/or exercises).
• Improve muscle inflexibilities (assisted and self-stretching).
• Progressive strength and conditioning (e.g. core stability/Pilates/gym exercises).
• Further guidance on corrective posture/lifting techniques and movement control.

Further care

We aim to develop a caring and trusting relationship with our patients. In keeping with this, we have an open-door policy and welcome back any and all of our past patients for check-ups. Whether to reassesses your situation and/or maintain your progress, we believe the body benefits from an occasional check-up. With the various experts at Team Buckley offering a plethora of services, a simple massage, spinal manipulation/mobilisation or a reassessment of your stretching/exercise regime is recommended. As discussed in our Q&A section, clients notoriously fall back into bad habits of poor postures, sports techniques and daily repetitive activities. We believe that if our advice is followed and maintained, our patients’ health, happiness and wellbeing can be enhanced.

Drug therapy (not provided at the clinic)

Some patients inform us they are against taking any form of drug for pain relief; as a clinic, we prefer this approach. However, there are times where pharmaceutical interventions can be useful. For example, where we see patients who are in so much pain that we are unable to progress the treatment/rehabilitation, medication can provide a therapeutic window.

Real life examples of this include clients who have presented in an acute stage and have an event such as a holiday/wedding/job interview looming and need to progress as quickly as possible. We would always countenance against rushing therapies to meet a social or personal need, but we understand this can unfortunately be a by-product of the world we live in.

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