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General testimonials

  • Jo-Jo Dawn, University Student

    After surviving non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer, I found it difficult as a teenager to accept the physical impairment it had left me with and the restriction it caused me to perform, what were once just normal daily activities. At the ripe age of 20, I took charge of my condition and booked myself in to Team Buckley’s Clinic

    The side effects of chemotherapy are so different from patient to patient and mine left me with a disability that affected my walking, whereby I limped. Pain was naturally experienced with this and not only in my leg affected, but it also radiated up to my lower back.

    What I have learnt along the way is to look after my body and I could not be in more professional hands than Andrew Buckley. His attention to get things rights and dedication to do so is commendable.

    My progress has been assessed as part of each of my treatments that have been specifically tailored to suit my needs. Initially they were in a concentrated format, but after vast improvement had been noted I now only attend a six monthly drop in session. This is to free up any tension that has built up and check my body alignment.

    Andrew has great ability to explain what is needed from me to support the programme he has outlined and I consider him an expert in guiding me through the exercises I should be undertaking at home. He is so well versed, with an attitude that displays currency in all his working methods associated with all the professional caps that he holds.

    If it wasn’t for Andrew, I would be suffering chronic pain and restricted mobility due to being affected by a life threatening illness that I beat. My faith in him as a practitioner is immense, as I have had a successful outcome and now walk without limitations. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others, particularly those affected by the harsh chemicals used to overcome cancer.

  • Bob Edwards

    I first went to see Andy for a lower back problem when I moved to Canterbury in 2007. Not only did I find his treatment highly effective, but he is the first osteopath I've ever seen who recommended a series of daily stretching exercises.

    These have really helped my overall movement and flexibility and Andy reinforces these with a series of 3-monthly "MOT" visits with him to keep my joints supple and address any emerging problems.

  • Peter Lawrence - Westgate-on-sea

    I had a cruciate ligament replacement operation about 25 years ago. In the last few years I have been experiencing regular pain and my knee had become permanently flexed, my posture and back were also being affected. I decided to visit Andrew Buckley at his practice.

    Andrew assessed my condition and asked me to return for another appointment when he had considered my problem. After the second appointment I already felt some improvement. Andrew gave me some stretching exercises to do at home; they take less than one hour per day to complete.

  • Professor Chris Shilling

    I've suffered from osteoarthritis for nearly three decades which can cause me acute problems sitting, walking and travelling. Since I moved to Kent 4 years ago, Andy and his colleagues have done much to help me help me 'keep going'.

    From top class treatment to devising exercise programmes that help me manage my condition, they are always my first recommendation to friends and colleagues in need of osteopathy or physiotherapy.

  • Timothy Harrison

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for in getting me back to playing football after my cruciate ligament injury. 12 months ago I wasn't sure if I would ever play again

    The advice, support and physiotherapy have been excellent. Furthermore the training sessions on Tuesdays really helped me overcome the psychological barriers to returning (which were greater than I ever imagined)- Looking back I think they were invaluable

  • Olwen Shaw

    I contacted Andrew Buckley's physiotherapy practice to make an appointment for a problem with my wrist.

    I have referred 2 members of my family in the past, but have never had cause to consult him myself. My husband and daughter have both been very pleased with their treatment and were better very quickly.

    Speaking from a position of relative authority (I was a former Physiotherapy lecturer at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington), I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough.

  • Teresa Kingsnorth

    I began to visit Andrew Buckley several years ago when I was in my fourties. I had been suffering back problems for many years, the pain was such, that I was referred by my GP to a consultant at the hospital and then went on to see Andrew. I found out that I have a curved spine and this was the cause of the problems. Andrew did advise from the beginning that the process would not be quick. Initially I went for treatment very frequently but gradually the pain levels improved and visits became further apart.

  • Louise Simpson-Brown

    What can I say, Andy and his whole team are just fantastic!

    I had a major horse riding accident in December 2010 which resulted in a fracture of C7 in my neck. This resulted in having to wear a neck brace for three months solidly which had the effect of stabilising my neck, but the downside was a severe stiffening of my mid back area and back and neck as a whole (all muscle related) which was frankly excruciating painful at times.

  • Matthew Sherwood, Canterbury

    Following a year of unresolved back problems, Andrew Buckley was recommended to me by a family member. Andrew has consistently fully explained my treatment and progress to me and has greatly assisted in improving my situation. I will continue to utilize his expert services and would have no hesitation in endorsing him to others.

  • Gavin and Caroline Barr, Charing

    My wife Caroline and I have been treated by Andy, and other members of "Team Buckley", at both the Ashford and Canterbury clinics for a number of years. We cannot speak too highly of the considerate, competent and professional treatment we have both received.

  • Mary McNamara

    I have been receiving massage therapy from Judy to relieve some of the symptoms associated with Parkinsons. Over the course of several months I have experienced a remarkable improvement. The muscle tightness and rigidity in legs, arms, neck and back has responded beyond my hopes. My walking has improved dramatically. I have found the exercises suggested by Judy very helpful and feel these kept me "ticking over" from one massage session to the next. Judy's positive attitude also helped enormously: she was determined to make a difference in my life and she succeeded.

  • John Braithwaite, Canterbury

    When I first came to see you I was in extreme pain with my left hip and leg which quite frequently even disturbed my sleep. These problems which were brought on by playing golf, my main recreation, resulted from an arthritic hip.

  • David Jackson, Herne Bay, PTI

    I just felt I had to write to you to thank you ever so much for your help in getting me back to normal after my shoulder operation. With over thirty years of competitive sport under my belt at both national and international level, I have been treated by a physio or two, but never have I been treated by someone with such outstanding knowledge, total professionalism and always a smile on his face. I am sure that my left shoulder which had the operation is now in better shape than my right! Many thanks.

  • David Chambers, Dover

    A chance meeting with an ex-marine colleague , just prior to my pending hip operation, pointed out that by attending Team Buckley I could expect faster rebuilding of muscle and flexibility post operation. I attended Team Buckley some two weeks prior to my operation for assessments to be made, then we started a programme two weeks post op of tissue manipulation in the area of the wound and general manipulation to the operated leg and spine. I was given a programme of exercises to do at home, all designed to aid quick and full recovery. I returned to full duties at my work in 6 weeks.

  • Nigel Carter, Canterbury, Fenwick's Department Store

    Troubled by back and hip pain I remembered how two of my colleagues at work had been treated by Andy and were enthusiastic to recommend him. After a few visits I benefited from his relaxed but professional approach and am now so much better; clearly I have a lot to be grateful for.

  • Julian Brazier, Canterbury MP

    Andrew has treated myself and children and has played a big role in my recovery from a series of injuries to my upper and lower spine and knees. He combines effective treatment with excellent advice on exercise and diet. I regularly recommend my friends and family to him.

  • Tracey Flaxman, Canterbury, Nurse

    I was diagnosed as suffering from migraines by my doctor five years ago and was regularly taking medication. I was recommended to Andrew Buckley and with minimal treatment combined with regular exercise I have not had a migraine for two years.

  • Maria Enright, Canterbury Kent

    Whilst training hard to get back into shape I suffered several minor injuries common to runners and gym users. My trainer Ted Bassett-Myers recommended that I see a local Physiotherapist, Andy Buckley (Team Buckley) to help diagnose and overcome these injuries. In a short space of time I was injury free!

    With Andy's help and expertise I have gone from strength to strength and was able to complete a gruelling SAHARA Charity Trek. I visit him every few weeks to help maintain a pain free, injury free body.

  • Robert and Debbie Bagley, Canterbury, Mortgage Specialist and Accounts clerk

    My wife and I have both received treatment from Andrew and his colleagues for various injuries including back pain, neck pain and shin splints, all of which have been treated successfully via hands-on treatment and core stability exercises. We are both now feeling better, stronger and overall healthier and we are certain this is down to the expert advice given and encouragement by the clinic to join the gym.

  • Mark Patterson, Gillingham Football Club Centre of Excellence Manager

    Having worked together during my playing days at Gillingham Football Club, Andrew has helped me recover from many injuries including rehabilitation after my knee surgery. I regularly refer players and friends to him.

  • Dr Louise Mansfield, Senior Lecturer in the Sociology of Sport

    I injured my lower back doing a circuit training session and walked into Team Buckley one morning in tremendous pain and with limited movement. I did not have an appointment but Andrew moved his busy schedule to see me straight away. He was precise with his diagnosis and professional and effective with his treatment and within four sessions, over less than two weeks, I recovered perfectly. He is an enthusiastic, committed, knowledgeable and experienced professional who understands both the mechanics of injury and the emotions surrounding the injury process.

  • Iain Mcbride, Ashford, TV Journalist

    Injury is frustrating for any person. As a runner I am grateful for Andrew and his team to get me back on the road quickly and efficiently.

  • Nicola McBride, Ashford, Fitness Consultant

    Clinic treatments for our family have ranged from chronic back pain management to acute sports injuries. Andrew has seen us through rugby matches, gym training and half marathons. We are also delighted with the reliable, prompt, effective and appropriate service.

  • Roger Newson, Sandwich, Police Constable Kent Police

    I first went to see Andrew three years ago after another failed competitive comeback attempt. Andy diagnosed the problem, fixed it and provided me with a programme of exercises to improve my strength and performance. Over the years my regular visits to Andrew have kept me running around 40 miles a week and maintained my competitive performances. I have represented Kent Police at race events locally and nationally and running for Invicta East Kent I am able to compete regularly on the local Kent running circuit.

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